SOI Intro Pack Review! : Unearthed Secrets


Let’s talk about the second intro pack, Unearthed Secrets!

Tireless Tracker has turned out to be an extremely Standard playable card, and is probably worth picking up while you can. Nephalia Moondrakes is pretty bad, with almost no applicability anywhere.

If you want to play the deck right out of the box, it’s decently powerful, because it has so much clue synergy, whereas the first Intro Pack didn’t have enough synergies.

This deck has many of the cards needed for an Clue-based EDH deck featured on Commanderin’, so if you’re building that deck, you should buy this Intro Pack.

If you want to purchase the deck, please buy it through me here. I will get a small amount of the profit, so I can provide more diverse content for this blog. Thanks!



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