Modern Fevered Visions Tempo


Hello everyone! I’m back with a Modern Deck Tech! Today, I’m building around Fevered Visions. The main idea of the deck is to use Remands and bounce-spells to keep your opponent’s hand full, while burning them down with both Fevered Visions and Lightning Bolts.

Bounce Spells

Vapor Snag can take out a creature for a short time, or even kill a token. Boomerang can bounce a land to set your opponent back, or just take a creature out.

Cryptic Command has ton of flexibility, it can counter a spell you just bounced, it can stall, draw, or bounce. Unsummon is just a worse Vapor Snag.

Snapcaster Mage can just copy any of these spells. Remand can slow down your opponent considerably, and also keep their hand full of cards.


These 8 spells help you reach a critical mass of burn so you can kill your opponent with Fevered Visions.


Monastery Swiftspear is ideal because we play so many cheap spells in this deck.

What do you think of the deck? Any suggestions for it? Comment below!



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