SOI Intro Pack Review! : Ghostly Tide


As promised, I am going to review the SOI Intro Packs over the next few weeks. I’ll talk through what kind of cards are contained and the applicability across the formats. These articles are targeted towards more casual players, because these cards aren’t great in most Constructed formats.

The two rares at the deck are great spirit tribal cards. The deck is great for some sort of Spirit tribal EDH deck, possibly led by Geist of Saint Traft. The deck seems like a nice aggressive deck with tons of value.

None of the other cards seem particularly interesting at all. This WU deck is kind of disappointing other than the slight EDH value.

If you want to buy this deck, please purchase it here. If you purchase it here, I’ll get a small amount of money which can help improve the blog. I almost have my first payout from this program, so if you want this deck, please buy it through me.

Thanks everyone! This intro pack is quite bad, let’s hope that the rest aren’t as bad.



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