[50 Shades of Mizzix] Mizzix Turns



Hello everybody! Welcome to the second edition of 50 Shades of Mizzix! This week, we take a ton of turns. A lot. We have 10 extra turn spells, a few tutors, and a ton of recursion. If you have a Time Walk or a Capture of Jingzhou, by all means, throw it in, but this deck doesn’t include those in the deck list because, well, they’re kind of pricey.

Just a heads up, I might have an irregular posting schedule this following week because I’m going to be on vacation. I’ll try to sneak in a few posts, but I can’t promise anything. The third 50 Shades of Mizzix should still come out unless I’m too jetlagged (or lazy) to write it up.

The gameplan is simple. Resolve Mizzix, cantrip a few times, then start linking extra turn onto extra turn onto extra turn, all the while building up experience counters and lands for a giant fireball to win the game. (Or maybe the opponents will just scoop in frustration.)

Before I link the decklist, I want to highlight two cards that shine bright in this deck.

Dictate of Kruphix reads draw an additional card each turn because, well, you’re the only person taking turns. Niv-Mizzet is a sort of win condition that can ping people to death and dig for more extra turn spells.

Just a reminder, play this only with people you know well, so that no one gets too mad over this deck.

Here’s the decklist.

Thanks for reading!


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