[50 Shades of Mizzix] #1: Mizzix Land Destruction


I had a Mizzix deck for a short time, but was annoyed in the lack of diversity among Mizzix decks, so I dismantled it. I’m going to do a new series that looks at Mizzix from 50 different angles. You read that right! 50! I’m still brainstorming, and have the next 10 laid out already. One of these will hopefully come out every Tuesday.

This first new angle on Mizzix is land destruction. It’s a really mean deck to play with. It quickly locks down all the other players. The reason Mizzix is such a great commander for the deck is because it lets you play tons of land destruction spells for super cheap, and lets you use some symmetrical destruction, because once you get your experience counters up, you only need one land to keep killing lands.

The deck runs 28 land destruction spells, so there is never a lack of land destruction spells, especially because of all the flashbacking and recursion you can do with this deck. We also run many mass land destruction spells, so you can get more than one land per land destruction spell.

Ankh of Mishra and Zo-Zu the Punisher are some of the finishers. No one wants to be shocking themselves to play lands. Opponents are going to have to shock themselves though, since they won’t have any lands.

Dingus Egg is another win-con, that can shock people whenever you destroy one of their lands. Invader Parasite can lock down mono-colored decks, and does set a player back a land.

Here’s my list.

What did you think of



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