Commander Spotlight! : The Gitrog Monster


Hello everyone! The Gitrog Monster Commander Spotlight is here! Let’s break it down!

The Lands

Tranquil Thicket and Barren Moor both draw you two cards when you cycle them because of Gitrog Monster’s last ability. Bojuka Bog can give you repeatable graveyard hate with some of the land recursion in the deck.

Gemstone Cavern is great because you can run it down to one counter, then you can sacrifice it and then draw a card and recur it with three counters again. Hickory Woodlot and Peat Bog both give you fast mana. Keep in mind that you don’t have to sacrifice it to the Gitrog Monster, if it dies by it’s own, you still draw a card. We also should run tons of fetches, because you can recur them for extra lands.

Land Recursion

These three can return some lands in the early game so you can get your engine going.

Groundskeeper can repeatedly recur tons of lands, though only basics. Life from the Loam can also repeatedly recur any type of land. Centaur Vinecrasher is a big finisher that can get itself back from the graveyard.

Temur Sabertooth can help you repeatedly use the ETB creatures to return lands. Titania is a win con because it generates a 5/3 at least every turn.

What do you think of these cards? Tell me your opinions in the comments below!



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