Ayli, Eternal Pilgrim: Part 1


Hello Everyone! Today, I have the first part of the review of my Ayli, Eternal Pilgrim EDH deck! Ayli makes us want to get up to 50 life super fast, and then lock down the game with Ayli’s second ability.

ETB Creatures

We play a lot of creatures with good ETB abilities to get the most out of creatures before you sacrifice them them to Ayli. Vizkopa Confessor lets you use up excess life and also lets you gain back life with extort. Both Vizkopa Confessor and Sin Collector can help disrupt other people’s plans, and as you will see in future posts, we run a lot of recursion and can quickly lock out players by taking out their hands.

Wasteland Strangler seems out of place, but Ayli exiles the nonland permanents it gets rid of, and Vizkopa Guildmage and Sin Collector also exile cards out of their hand. It frequently gains you 2 and removes a creature. Merciless Executioner does the same because when it enters you sacrifice it, and while the effect is on the stack, you sacrifice it to Ayli and everyone else sacrifices a creature and you end up gaining a life.

Cathedral Sanctifier gains you 4 life for two mana, if you sacrifice it. Gray Merchant of Asphodel drains for at least two, but frequently more. It can also be sacrificed for 4 life, due to it’s large toughness.

Wall of Omens is great because it immediately replaces itself and gains 4 life when it’s sacrificed. War Priest of Thune frequently has a few targets, but it should probably be replaced by Kor Sanctifiers, but I’m too lazy to find one.

Any suggestions for the ETB creature suit? Comment below!




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