3/21 SOI Spoilers! : Nahiri’s Machinations, Ulvenwald Mysteries, Call the Bloodline, Invocation of Saint Traft, Rare Land Cycle

Nahiri’s Machinations is great in beatdown decks, it can help make aggressive attacks, and also ping down blockers. Ulvenwald Mysteries is a great EDH card in all the sacrifice decks, it not only provides card draw, it also provides tokens as sacrifice fodder.


Call the Bloodline may possibly be played in the Standard RB Madness deck that I think may show up. Invocation of Saint Traft is great! You can go two mana 2/2 into this, swing for 6!

We have the new rare land cycle. It’s very powerful, more powerful than the have-lands. We may see a few in Modern, and they will definitely see lots of play in Standard.

What do you think? Comment your opinions below!


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