3/18 SOI Spoilers! : Welcome to the Fold! Thalia’s Lieutenant! Asylum Visitor! Second Harvest!

Welcome to the Fold seems kind of out of place, since red and black seem to be the primary madness colors. It’s not that good unless you can discard it. Thalia’s Lieutenant pumps all the humans on your team, and then is a Champion of Parish card. I think it’ll probably replace Champion of Parish in Human tribal decks.

Asylum Visitor seems like a powerful card in the RB madness deck, effectively drawing you two cards a turn, and it can be discarded to pay a cost and still be played. Second Harvest is a great EDH card. Although not on the Doubling Season level, it should go in to most token decks.

I think this set is turning out very well! I love the Madness mechanic and all the tribal components of it. What do you think?



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