3/15 SOI Spoilers! : Arlinn Kord! Sage of Ancient Lore! Falkenrath Glutton! Tainted Chains! Odric, Lunarch Marshal!

Arlinn Kord has been spoiled! She awe-some! Arlinn Kord is so cool! Her first buffs up a creature, allowing your three-drop to kill any opposing three-drops or four-drops and stay back for defense. Her second ability that flips her can be activated immediately if you need to, and the wolf can protect Arlinn if you have an empty board. Arlinn, Embraced by the Moon’s +1 is a mini-overrun, which works really well with the 2/2 Wolf that flipped Arlinn. Werewolf Arlinn’s -1 is a Lightning Bolt that can happen every other turn. Arlinn’s ultimate is a game winner in the type of GR Stompy deck that this deck would see play in. She seems like she’ll see play in Standard and maybe be a top-end for Jund in Modern.


Sage of Ancient Lore//Werewolf of Ancient of Ancient Hunger is Werewolf Maro. This ability is interesting in Green, but it’s too expensive to see play in Standard. But, he’ll probably go into the Yeva Control deck I’m brewing in EDH.

Next, we have two foreign cards that I’m in love with.

Falkenrath Glutton(?)


Vampire Berserker

Vampire creature cards you own that aren’t on the battlefield have madness. Their madness cost is equal to their mana cost.


This seems to be pushing Vampire Madness in Standard. Ravenous Bloodseeker seems like an include in that deck if it happens.

Tainted Chains(?)




When Rattlechains enters the battlefield, target Spirit gains hexproof until end of turn.

You may cast Spirit spells as though they had flash.


Tainted Chains seems like a cool way to two-for-one someone by psuedo-countering a spell and getting a body. Tainted Chains also seems to be pushing a Spirit Control tribal deck in Standard.


Odric seems like a interesting card, though it doesn’t seem to have any applicabilities in any Formats. Not a Standard card, I think. Odric EDH might be a token-based deck, but the problem is that not that many of these effects show up in white. White has Flying, Lifelink, Vigilance, First Strike, Trample, and Haste. (Trample and Haste only showing up on Akroma.) Maybe a good Commander, maybe not.

I hope you enjoyed! Tell me your opinions in the comments!




13 thoughts on “3/15 SOI Spoilers! : Arlinn Kord! Sage of Ancient Lore! Falkenrath Glutton! Tainted Chains! Odric, Lunarch Marshal!

      1. This would be the first Commander deck I have ever constructed, so give me a little slack. Also, I am going to wait until after SOI is released so I can check out the other cards that could contribute to this deck.


  1. Umm… odric would actually be freaking great in an equipment commander deck. While white creatures lack these abilities equipments can provide all of them.


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