3/14 SOI Spoilers! : Startled Awake//Persistent Nightmare, Nahiri, the Harbinger, Descend upon the Sinful, Wolf of Devil’s Breach, Drogskol Cavalry, Sinister Concoction

Hello everyone! Startled Awake seems like a commander card. In a mill deck, it’s very powerful to be able to repeatedly mill 13 a turn for 5 mana.


We have the third planeswalker of the set! Arlinn will be spoiled tomorrow, and Sorin will be spoiled in 3 days. Nahiri has never had a real printing before this. I think that this Nahiri is quite powerful, and will most likely see Standard play. Nahiri’s +2 is an optional rummage. I like the fact that it’s optional, so you can keep your hand if you want. Her -2 is very powerful against beatdown decks. Her ultimate seems quite weak, but the fact that you can ultimate two turns after you play it is quite powerful. It lets you take advantage of powerful enter the battlefield abilities.

Descend upon the Sinful seems like a Standard playable, and the fact that it can clear Ulamog, and possibly the coming Emrakul. The delirium is just gravy on the top. Descend upon the Sinful may replace Planar Outburst as the stock boardwipe in Standard. Wolf of Devil’s Breach could be a finisher for a Madness deck, but it doesn’t seem like it’ll see play, because it’s a little too expensive to be a good madness enabler.

Drogskol Cavalry is the face card for one of the intro packs. It seems like a good commander card, and, depending on the Spirit tribal support in this block, I might make a Spirit Tribal commander deck with Geist of Saint Traft as the commander. Sinister Concoction is a cheap removal spell and madness enabler, and may be Standard playable depending on the viability of madness.

I hope you enjoyed this post! Tell me your opinions in the comments below!




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