Eldrazi Displacer in Modern


This is a thread I wrote on mtgsalvation that’s about brainstorming for Eldrazi Displacer in Modern.



Eldrazi Displacer Value


This is a brainstorming thread for a deck using Eldrazi Displacer to get lots of value from blinking creatures for their ETB effects.

Eldrazi Displacer: The card the deck is built around, used to generate lots of value. Run 4
Training Grounds: This card is that makes Eldrazi Displacer fast enough to be modern playable. Run 4
Restoration Angel: Having Resto Angel helps generate even more value by being able to blink additional creatures when we’re out of colorless mana. Run 3-4
Chord of Calling: Chord of Calling lets us tutor for any of the many one-ofs with ETB effects in the deck. Run 4


Noble Hierarch: Since one of the core pieces in the deck is Chord of Calling, and it takes quite some mana to cast Chord, so me need some mana acceleration. Run 4
Birds of Paradise: Another good mana dork to accelerate our mana. Run 4

At this point, we have 24 of the nonland cards for the deck. We are definitely in Green, Blue and White for our core pieces, but there are many different one-ofs that we should consider to fill out the rest of the deck.


Pia and Kiran Nalaar: Infinte Shocks.

Emrakul’s Hatcher: Infinite Combo with Displacer and [card]Impact Tremors[/cards].


Stonehorn Dignitary: Can lock out aggro decks.

Lone Missionary: Can help outdistance burn.

Reveillark: Can bring back some creatures that have already died.

Wall of Omens: Can help grind out card advantage.


Venser, Shaper Savant: This card can bounce entire fields very quickly.

Perstermite: Can tap down entire teams, and untap cards that you attacked with to use for defense.


Eternal Witness: Can help bring back anything that has been destroyed.

Thragtusk: Can help us outdistance burn.

Brood Monitor: Can also Infinite Combo with Displacer and Impact Tremors.

Elvish Visionary: Can help get some card advantage.


Shriekmaw: Removal that is a dead card vs Affinity or other heavy black decks.


Murderous Redcap: Better removal than Shriekmaw.

Kitchen Finks: Our best way to outdistance burn.

Siege Rhino: Both a win-con and a way to outdistance burn.

Sin Collector: A great card against control.

Tidehollow Skulker: Good hand disruption.


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