The Shadows of Innistrad Emrakul Conspiracy


I came across a twitter post linking to this imgur post. It shows that one of the inscriptions on one of the clue tokens is a drawing similar to the art of Emrakul, the only Eldrazi Titan that hasn’t made a second appearance yet. Though I may be going out on a limb, I’m going to spend a post talking about why Emrakul could be in Shadows of Innistrad.

The main reason I think Emrakul may be reprinted is that Shadows over Innistrad, if I was not mistaken, was designed as the third set of the Battle for Zendikar block, so there may still be some remnants of the original design in the set.

The second reason I think Emrakul may make an appearance is the naming of the set. What if the shadow over Innistrad was not a metaphor for a evil, but instead the shadow is a physical shadow. What could overshadow all of Innistrad? Emrakul, maybe?

Screen Shot 2016-03-11 at 5.54.46 PM

Now, check this out. When writing today’s spoiler post, I noticed that the symbol on the Wayward Disciple’s knife is similar to the inscription on the clue token. Though it’s missing the gap on the top of Emrakul’s “head”, and the wiggly line across the “body, it still has the general body shape, and the tentacles.

What do you think? Will Emrakul be in the next set? Comment your opinions below!



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