Circu EDH 1.0: Eldrazi Processors, Part 3


Hello readers! I’m back with the last post in my Circu deck tech series. In this post, I’m going to talk about the different Eldrazi Processors I’m playing in the deck. I think I’m playing all the Eldrazi processors for flavor reasons, because this deck is heavily Eldrazi-themed.

Ulamog’s Nullifier is pretty good because it counters a spell and is a 2/3 blocker. Ulamog’s Reclaimer lets you get back another cantrip or a counterspell. Cryptic Cruiser is one of the most powerful Processors in the deck. It’s one of our late game mana sinks and can tap down whole teams to make way for your own large Eldrazi to swing in.

Blight Herder is a value machine. It comes down as a 4/5 with three scions, allowing you to drop huge creatures on turn 6. Oblivion Sower is both one of our large finishers, and can get you quite a few lands, usually five or six on curve. Oracle of Dust is great! It’s another one of our late game mana sinks that lets us find more gas and discard all the lands you draw.

I didn’t mention all the Processors, because some of them are pretty underwhelming. Here’s the decklist on TappedOut. Thanks for reading!





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