3/8 SOI Spoilers! SOI Intro Packs!


Flameblade Angel 4RR
Creature – Angel


Whenever a source an opponent controls deals damage to you or a permanent you control, you may have Flameblade Angel deal 1 damage to that source’s controller.


This card would be pretty sweet if it was more aggressively costed, maybe at 4 mana. This card, as it is, is very bad.

Markov Dreadnight 3BB

Creature – Vampire Knight


2B, Discard a card: Put two +1/+1 counters on Markov Dreadknight.



Markov Dreadknight is pretty nice, could be the top end of a Standard Madness deck, it’s a pretty nice enabler and can grow quite large.
Soul Swallower has some potential with some self mill, being a 3/3 Trampler for 4 that grows by +3/+3 every turn could easily be abused.
What do you think about these new cards? Comment below what you think about these cards!

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