3/7 SOI Spoilers: Thing in the Ice! Elusive Tormentor!

Hello readers! I’m back with another set of Shadows over Innistrad spoilers! First off, we have Thing in the Ice! It’s a pretty neat card, and it performs a boardwipe when it flips. The neat thing about it is that it can flip instant speed. I’m going to pick up a few of these for my commander decks, and I wouldn’t be surprised if this showed up in Standard control builds as an early game blocker, boardwipe, and finisher. Warped Landscape is a really nice psuedo-Evolving Wilds. It still taps for mana, so the two mana to search isn’t that bad. I think that it’s almost as good as Evolving Wilds, which justifies some commander play in decks that really just want basic searching effects.

Elusive Tormentor is a Madness-enabler, and also flips into a hexproof, indestructible Elemental. It dodges removal because it can flip into the mist, and is a pretty good beater. How I see this card playing is flip, enable madness, swing, flip, hit for 4. Though 3 mana is a hefty price to pay to flip it back, I think it’s more than worth it. Ravenous Bloodseeker is a really nice, cheap way to enable Madness. It’s free to discard the card, though you can only do it once without killing it. You can actually activate it as many times as you want, because while the first activation is on the stack, you activate a few more times, enabling several madness spells. Definitely going to be in Standard if the Madness deck with 7/7 for 5 Geralf’s Masterpiece becomes a thing.

Hope you enjoyed! Leave your opinions in the comments below!



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