Budget Decks in Standard: RW Equipped Allies


Hello Everyone! I’m back with another post on the Budget Decks series! This week, it’s RW Equipped Allies! This deck is super aggressive, and can easily come back from a removal spell because all your creature’s power and toughness is from equipment.

One Drops

We have 8 one drops in the deck, which is a very aggressive deck. Stoneforge Acolyte can beat down early game and help you find more gas in the late game. 20% of the deck is equipment, so it’s pretty likely for us to hit one. Expedition Envoy is just a aggressive one drop that is super aggressive early game.


Stone Haven Outfitter and Weapons Trainer are the creatures that really get your creatures big. Really big. In playtesting, I got Expedition Envoy up to 14 power. These can also be aggressive in a pinch.


Captain’s Claws and Bone Saw help get your equipped creature pumped up with Weapons Trainer and Stone Haven Outfitter, because it’s cheap to equip. Stoneforge Masterwork is the most powerful equipment we have. It generally grants +3/+3 to +5/+5.

Other Guys

Kazuul’s Toll Collector is a nice aggressive three drop that can pick up equipment without paying equip costs. Relic Seeker can hold equipment pretty well and be aggressive in a pinch. It can also search up more gas if you need to.

Since we run a sizable number of allies, we should run a few rally cards to get some more value. We run Lantern Scout and Firemantle Mage as one-ofs to extract extra value, and Munda to help get more gas and as a top end in case the game goes long. 

Here’s the deck list on TappedOut.

Hope you enjoyed! Comment any suggestions you have!



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