3/6 SOI Spoilers: New Avacyn! Tamiyo’s Journal! Declaration in Stone!


Well, someone got mad. Really mad! This card is both flavorful and powerful. You can flash her in to save your team from a board wipe, and when a non-angel creature you control dies, she gets angry and transforms into the Purifier and preforms a mini-boardwipe. She isn’t that great as a commander, but we did get a flip-commander, which sadly, was not a Werewolf commander. She is a little less powerful than the original Avacyn, but is definitely more playable than the first Avacyn in Standard and Limited. I can’t wait to pick her up!


Wow! This card is fantastic in Commander! It lets you tutor every three turns, and it probably won’t be too expensive as a rare, so I want to get one of these for every one of my commander decks!


This card is pretty good. It removes a creature for 2 and draws your opponent a card. Definitely a Standard playable card, maybe modern?

Hope you enjoyed! Tell me what you think of these in the comments!


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