Duel Deck Review: Blessed Vs. Cursed!


Hello Readers! Today, I’m going to do a review of the Blessed vs. Cursed duel decks! I, personally, have ordered 4 of them simply because of the Geist reprint and Eerie Interlude, a card I see seeing play in Standard and commander, as a strictly better version of Ghostway.

The slight difference between the two is that Eerie Interlude blinks any number of your creatures, while Ghostway blinks all of them. Since they both return the creatures at end of turn, you can leave back creatures on the board to attack or block, or also not trigger cards that have effects that trigger when the creature leaves play. Ghostway is currently 8$, and I, though not a seasoned speculator, believe that Eerie Interlude will gain value in the long term, when Shadows comes out of print, despite the high numbers in circulation from both duel deck and regular printings.geistofsainttraf

Geist of Saint Traft, on the other hand, is a great card for EDH, and sees minimal play in Modern. This version is selling for 8$ each, which is sure to drop in coming weeks, but I didn’t get to play with one in original Innistrad, and I want to be able to play it in my EDH decks.

The decks themselves are rather intriguing and full of useful cards for Commander.  There’s Champion of the Parish, Dread Return, Harvester of Souls, Falkenrath Noble, and Gravecrawler. While none of these are terribly expensive, I find myself often putting them on my want list on Pucatrade, to the point where a have many copies of these cards in the shells of the commander decks that I’m still developing and building, and also in my developed, finished decks. Little costs do add up.

If you’re looking into the decks as a deck to play, not to take apart for the individual cards, the decks are extremely well-themed and constructed and are well balanced to play each other.

The White/ Blue deck featuring Geist of Saint Traft is as follows:

Creature (25)

1 Cathedral Sanctifier

Sorcery (4)

2 Gather the Townsfolk

Instant (4)

1 Momentary Blink

Artifact (2)

1 Sharpened Pitchfork

Enchantment (1)

1 Bonds of Faith

Land (24)

1 Seraph Sanctuary

The deck is meant to capitalize on triggering enter the battlefield effects repetitively to get an advantage. This is the slower of the two decks, but once it can start repeatedly triggering it’s creature’s enter the battlefield effects regularly with Nephlia Smuggler, the Zombie deck just can’t stand up to the kind of value that the blue/ white deck can generate if it can stay alive long enough to get it’s engine online and running.
Here’s the decklist for the Blue/ Black Deck headed by Mindwrack Demon:
Creature (24)

1 Diregraf Ghoul

Sorcery (6)

1 Appetite for Brains

Instant (5)

1 Human Frailty

Artifact (1)

1 Cobbled Wings

Land (24)

4 Dismal Backwater

The Blue/ Black deck has a major zombie theme, and is a very aggressive deck, dropping early game Screeching Skaabs and keeping the onslaught coming by returning it’s creatures from the graveyard with cards such as Driver of the Dead, Dread Return, and Ghoulraiser. The deck has a large amount of self mill, to be able to use the graveyard as a resource with cards like Havengul Runebinder and to be able to have delirium earlier in the game, to benefit greatly from cards such as Tooth Collector or Mindwrack Demon. The deck does not translate into the late game as well as the Blue/ White deck does, because it is not able to grind out large amounts of value with it’s deck.
If you enjoyed this review and would like to purchase one of these decks, I would greatly appreciate if you buy the duel decks through my website, here. If you do, I will receive a small amount of the profits, because I am a member of the Amazon Affiliates program. The money I make will not go into my pocket, but instead, back into the blog, possibly funding weekly Crack-a-Packs and giveaways. Though some people have already helped support the site by buying through me, I need a some more people to help support it before major improvements can be made to the site. If you’re already going to buy the duel decks, it doesn’t hurt to help support me at the same time. Thanks to those who have already supported me, and those who will in the future. Well, that’s it! Good Night Internet!
 P.S. I should have part two of Circu EDH posted within 16 hours, so check in later for that post!

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