2/15 SOI/BVC Spoilers: Blessed Vs. Cursed Decklists Spoiled


This morning, we got the decklists for the Blessed Vs. Cursed duel decks. They seem pretty sweet. I’ll do a whole post later on the decklists, but right now, I want to cover the cards in the decks that will be in Shadows of Innistrad.

Topplegeist is a great tempo card in limited, but not good for much else. Eerie Interlude is the card that I’m really excited about. Eerie Interlude is Ghostway in Standard. Amazing! Great synergy with ETB effects, like Thought-Knot Seer, which is seeing a lot of play. It also dodges boardwipes, like Languish or Planar Outburst. I really hope I can pick up a few between prerelease and release events, because I don’t draft that aggressively.

Compelling Deterrance is a decent limited card, and may be Standard playable if there are some playable Zombie cards in the deck. Tooth Collector is a fine limited card that can pick off 1/1 and 2/1s, which is a okay effect. I don’t especially like any of these cards except Eerie Interlude. The rest are pretty meh. What do you think?




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