2/8 SOI Spoilers: Leaks and Eldritch Moon

So, first, I want to talk a little about leaks in general. They are generally bad for the game, because you are messing with Wizards plans for spoiler season, and we love this game. So, I do not approve of sharing leaks from private sources and making them public, but if they’re already out there, I so no harm in posting about them. But, I really do hope Wizards can prevent further leaks. This is the second leak in the last two sets, and honestly, it really ruins spoiler season. Wizards has it’s own way of making spoiler season exciting and suspenseful, and I really do hate anyone who wants to ruin that.

eldritch moon

Well, lets look up Eldritch, because I’m not a dictionary. So, according to the dictionary, it means weird and sinister or ghostly. So, a sinister moon. Werewolves? A legendary werewolf for commander players? Only time will tell. Well, unless there’s another leak. Let’s hope not. So, here’s a link to the Eldritch Moon announcement on the Mothership.

So, first up, flip cards are back. Yay! These cards were pretty bad, well except for Delver. This one seems fairly underwhelming, has the regular transforming text, and can help you dig for creatures as a human, and helps you cast them when it’s a werewolf. The reason I don’t like these werewolves that transform in that way is that your opponent has a degree of control over which mode it’s in.

Next, we have the return of an old mechanic, Madness. There were many looting type effects in the original Innistrad, and if we see more of those, Fiery Temper may be Standard playable. I just included Lamplighter in this post because it’s a way to trigger Madness in Limited. This would be the perfect set to reprint Liliana in, because she synergizes so well with Madness.

Next, we have three more cards showcasing three new mechanics. I think that all of the set’s mechanics were just spoiled. First, we have Expose Evil, which for 1W, taps down two creatures and gives you a artifact that lets you pay two generic and sac it to draw a card. Wait a sec. What game are we playing? Clue? Well, I like the Investigate mechanic because it allows you to get a immediate or delayed cantrip on the card. Next, we have the Skulk mechanic. It’s on a card called Furtive Homunculus. Skulk just says that this creature can’t be blocked by creatures with a greater power. Underwhelming, but I want to see what direction they will take this mechanic. Maybe abilities that trigger on hit? That seems like a limited archetype. Hound of the Farbogs is a five drop 5/3 with Delirium, which gives you a benefit for having four or more card types in your graveyard.


Delirium reminds me of Mindbreaker Demon from the last leak.

Mindbreaker Demon 2BB

Creature – Demon



When Mindbreaker Demon enters the battlefield put the four the library of your library into your graveyard.

At the beginning of your upkeep, if you don’t have 4 or more card types in your graveyard, lose 4 life.


Yep, there’s definitely a trend. I really would like to see how they make this mechanic pay off, because right now, it seems hard to pull off.

Well, those are the most important (in my opinion) spoilers of the new leak. Hope this post was helpful!



8 thoughts on “2/8 SOI Spoilers: Leaks and Eldritch Moon

  1. all the cards and their mechanics are from Shadows…you explain what eldritch is but there are no cards from the set


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