Standard Jeskai Ascendancy Combo


I tried my hand at a Jeskai Ascendancy Infinite Combo deck, and I find it pretty fun to combo off. It’s not a very resilient deck, but it’s a very easy deck to combo off with. It’s a four color deck, so I only run 6 basics in the deck. In case you don’t know the combo, the combo works by tapping a mana dork for mana, then using that mana to untap and give the creature +1/+1 with Jeskai Ascendancy by playing a small cantrip spell. You chain a bunch of spells together, and eventually swing for the win. The deck runs 27 instants and sorceries that enable to chain, and 19 of them draw you more cards to keep on chaining. I also include Elemental Uprising and some Manlands as extra mana dorks to make the deck work even better. The decklist is here. Hope you enjoyed! Have fun tinkering with the list!


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