Budget Decks in Standard: Zada!

zadahedrongrinderWhen Zada was first spoiled, I knew it had lots of potential. Now, I’m going to brew something around it. Though there are several very good color combinations for Zada, I’m going to go Naya. I’m going to try to keep these budget decks under 50$, but still competitive.


One Drops


This deck plays like an Aggro-ish deck for the first few decks until we get turn four Zada, which we usually always draw by turn four, and then we play all our pump spells that synergise well with Zada. We play four Monastery Swiftspear, because, well, they’re super aggressive and Prowess synergises well with a pump-heavy deck.

Two Drops

Our two drops are equally aggressive, Seeker of the Way provides another beater in the same way Monastery Swiftspear does, and additionally gets lifelink, which is great. Dragon Fodder lets us start to build up our team, to go wide with Zada and some pump.

Three Drops


Our three drop spot is a little skimpy, consisting of four Hordeling Outbursts, helping you go wide with Zada.

Four Drops


Our four drop spot isn’t cluttered at all, all we have are four Zadas. Next turn, we’ll go wide and (hopefully) win.


We have a diverse range of pump to drop turn five and beyond. Other than straight up pump such as Might of the Masses, Titanic Growth, and Become Immense, this deck uses Defiant Strength to draw a million more pump spells in case you don’t win turn five, Titan’s Strength pumps a lot and also lets you arrange some of your cards. (Be aware. If you have five creatures, don’t scry five. Scry once five times. Meaning, look at the top card and keep it on top or put it on the bottom five times. So, if you like the top card, then the remaining scries are useless.) Temur Battle Rage not only gives our team double strike, it usually lets them also trample over to get through a full board.

Valorous Stance and Feat of Resistance both help us keep Zada alive, while Feat also pumps the team with counters. Valorous can also be used as removal to rid the world of say, a pesky Siege Rhino. Sorry Abzan.

To upgrade the deck, I would add in Monastery Mentor for an extra three drop, and for extra go wide potential. For a sideboard, I would include a Secure the Wastes for longer grindy games to give you the extra boost of being able to go extra wide. I would also sideboard some removal, in the form of Wild Slash and Firey Impulse. Tragic Arrogance is always nice on sideboard, as is plummet for that pesky Dragonlord Ojutai.

Hope you enjoyed! This deck is well underneath the 50$ ceiling, coming in at 30$ish. Check the deck out at TappedOut, and come back for another one of these next week! Comment any ideas for future decks below!







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