12/6 OGW Spoilers! : Bearer of Silence and Dimensional Infiltrator!

Bearer of Silence is a nice, aggressive Eldrazi that you can drop later in the game for a Diabolic Edict stapled onto it. Nice, but probably not Constructed playable. Next, we have a french card, the translation is:

Dimensional Infiltrator 1U

Creature – Eldrazi

Devoid, flash, flying

1C: Exile the top card of target opponent’s library. If it’s a land card, you may return ~ to its owner’s hand.


Another aggressive Eldrazi, this one can flash in though, and also it can bounce out with usually in 2 in 5 chance assuming a 24 land deck. Notice that the self-bounce is a may, so you can just sink mana into it for some processor food. Loving it, it’s pretty bonkers.

What do you think about the potential uses for these two cards?


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