First Thoughts on General Tazri!


After getting the new Ally commander spoiled three days ago, I’m pretty excited to build around it. Well, there are a few things that clearly synergize with Tazri. One, blinking. Two, swarming with the pumped up Allies.

Well, from Battle For Zendikar, we have Ally Encampment, which we would usually use on out commander for another Ally tutor. Ally Encampment also helps us fix out mana in a five color deck, it’s great all around. Ghostway is a great card in this deck. Not only does it help you dodge a boardwipe, it let’s you get all you’re enter the battlefield abilities again. Conjurer’s Closet is great, because it’s repeatable. These are three off the top of my head, but of course, there are many more.

Above are two of the deck’s potential wincons, if you can’t swarm the board. Hagra Diabolist will probably drain five or six as it enters, and drains more and more the more allies you play. Kalastria Healer is a faster, weaker version. It does have the upside of lifegain though. Remember, you can always tutor for these with Tazri.

Well, every commander deck needs some card draw and some ramp, right? Well, these two do the job fantastically. Sea Gate Loremaster usually gives you four or five cards, while Harabaz Druid pumps out mana. Harabaz Druid’s mana is of any color, so it’s great for fixing your mana, because you are playing five colors. Jwari Shapeshifter is great. It can enter as more card draw, more ramp, or as another wincon when it copies Hagra Diabolist.

Now, just some Standard tribal cards and a Stoneforge Masterwork to suit Tazri up with. Remember to include these!

There are only four Ally token makers in Magic, and I would love to see more. Take note that Unified Front is extra good in this deck, because of it having converge. Oh, I can’t wait to kill someone with Unified Front + Hagra Diabolist. Hee Hee Hee!

Finally, you should include all those allies that make combat more advantageous for you, giving your team, double strike, trample, first strike, lifelink, indestructible, et cetera. I can’t wait to see Tazri in action!


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