The Year of 2016 in Review!


OK. Out first achievement was what? Our first post, Abzan Outlast. I posted it on January 6th. Looking back on this, I am surprised how oblivious I was. I mean now, I know Abzan Outlast isn’t competitive. I’m just a little embarrassed. 😦

Well, I don’t have a date for my first view, but in the first month of the blog, I got 17 views and 2 visitors. I posted three times. I wasn’t that into it back then. The next time I posted was four months later, in May. I post twice. I was a little discouraged.

In July, I took a big leap. I posted 13 times in the first half of the month. On the fifteenth, I got my first comment. From purgatog, a fellow blogger that I have to thank so much for most of my blogging motivation. In the second half of the month, I posted 21 times. In that month, I got 89 visitors. Thank you so much purgatog!

In the last half of the year, I got in 173 posts so far, not counting this one. The grand total for this year is 23, 569 views, 13, 635 visitors, 49 likes, and 45 comments. Thank you all readers and especially purgatog.







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