12/31 OGW Spoilers! : Deceiver of Form! Hissing Quagmire! Stoneforge Masterwork!

Hello readers! Another round of spoilers! First up, we have Deceiver of Form. There’s a big wall of text on this card. Deceiver of form says at the beginning of combat, flip the top card, and you can have all your other creatures become that creature until end of turn. Then, you put the flipped card on the bottom of your library. This is a very chaotic card, I think this card may be EDH viable, and it seems like it would be a fun card to use. The fact that you MAY have your creatures turn into the flipped card is a big upside. Hissing Quagmire is the GB manland, it’s very good. It is probably playable in Abzan in Standard, and in Modern, it could be playable because it trades with tempo beaters such as Tarmogoyf. It’s a great instant speed trap that can trade with almost any creature because it has deathtouch. Last, we have Stoneforge Masterwork. It may be Standard viable in an Ally tribal decks, and is definitely good in EDH tribal decks, and it ties in to the Kor equipment theme in OGW. What do you think about these cards?


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