1/1 OGW Spoilers! : Oath of Nissa! Wandering Fumarole!

Hello readers! Some more nice little spoilers for us. First, we have Wandering Fumarole. So, for flavor purposes, what is a fumarole? It is a hole in or near a volcano, from which vapor rises. So, why the heck is this Fumarole wandering? It’s a hole. In a volcano. So, it’s a walking volcano hole. OK. Wizards put a lot of work into making the manlands not too overpowered. For a 1UR activation cost, this could be more playable, because it dodges burn. Oath of Nissa is in the same cycle as Oath of Jace, it only costs one mana. It not only replaces itself, but it also makes it easier to splash planeswalkers. I can see this seeing play in Standard, due to it’s cheapness and it allows you to splash lots of the insane planeswalkers in Standard. What do you think of these cards? Playable?


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