12/30 OGW Spoilers! : New Mechanics: Cohort and Support, Planeswalker Tutor

Hello Everyone! We recently got several new spoilers from Wizards, the next few posts will show the main cards from this spoiler wave. First, we have a planeswalker tutor, Call the Gatewatch! This is wicked in Standard, with Gideon being so powerful. Probably won’t see play in Modern, due to the amount of cheap tutors in the format. Munda’s Vanguard isn’t a great card, because it’s really slow, but it shows us one of the new mechanics, Cohort. I do not know what exactly the mechanic will do yet, but another Ally-themed mechanic is welcome. Shoulder to Shoulder is a nice Limited common, cantripping and giving you some counters. It shows another new mechanic, Support. Support gives your creatures +1/+1 counters, so we might have a nice +1/+1 counter theme in this set. What do you think about these? I’ll be back later with more spoilers, have a good day! 🙂


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