12/30 OGW Spoilers! : Linvala and Jori En!

Hello Everyone! I’m back with more spoilers! First up, we have the Legendary Angel, Linvala, the Preserver! I don’t see it seeing much commander play, since you have to be at a disadvantage to get it’s ETB effect, but some people might be able to get it to work. Jori En, Ruin Diver is a great kind of storm commander, pumping out spells, and it gives you an extra card every turn. It seems underwhelming, but if you keep on reading it, it says each turn, not just yours, so you can pump out instants and flash creatures on everyone else’s turns and draw lots of extra cards. Great commander!

Next, we have three rares that I want to look at. First, Gladehart Cavalry. Nice limited card, it gives six different creatures +1/+1 counters when it enters, and then when they die, you gain lots of life off of it. Also a nice commander card, especially in crazy counter deck such as my Vorel deck. The next rare, Stone Haven Outfitter hints at a Kor equipment theme, like the first Zendikar block. I would love to see a return of that theme. Last of all, we have Eldrazi Mimic. In the early game, you drop it turn two as a nice creature, and then in the late game, when you drop a nice, big Eldrazi fatty, Eldrazi Mimic becomes a copy of that big fatty. Nice card, maybe Standard playable?

What do you think? What’s your favorite new card?


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