OGW Spoilers: Chandra Flamecaller and Nissa, Voice of Zendikar

In this week’s big leak, we got OGW’s two planeswalkers. Chandra and Nissa. Last set was Kiora, Ob, and Gideon, so no mono-blue planeswalkers this block, and two green planeswalkers. First, Chandra, Flamecaller. So, six mana. Not exactly constructed playable. In EDH, the ult is really nice. The second effect is a really good effect, especially in red. The first effect is aggressive, but you probably can’t force them in at turn six, so not the best planeswalker. Nissa’s first effect seems underwhelming, but when you think about it, the plants chump block for Nissa, so it’s good protection for her. The second is great, especially when you dump to tokens on a Hangarback. Probably standard playable, for the first two effects. The ult is a really good Commander effect, because if you miss no land drops, then you get 7 cards and 7 life, the card draw is game-changing in EDH. What do you think about these planeswalkers?


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