OGW Spoilers: Eldrazi Mythics: Kozilek’s Return and World Breaker

Both of the Eldrazi Mythics recently spoiled seem to have no Standard application, but look like bombs in EDH. Kozilek’s Return is an early wipe, and its second clause gives you a recurrable board wipe. Notice that you may do 5 damage to each creature, so you don’t have to. Even in EDH, it’s not that good, as most valuable creatures aren’t under five toughness (except maybe commanders) when you start hitting your seven drops. World Breaker looks like it was printed for Commander. Particularly for Titania, Protecter of Argoth Commander. World Breaker is seven mana, so not too much for Commander, and it takes care of a pesky enchantment late game. In late game, you always have those extra lands lying around, so why not sac one to return World Breaker to your hand, and then play him for his effect again? One thing I’m uncomfortable with. The recursion effect costs two and a diamond. Why? Why you make use run wastes in our decks? What if our deck isn’t ramp heavy, and our only colorless ramp card, Sol Ring was destroyed? Well, then you can’r use this card. Diamonds make deckbuilding hard. Would you really take up an extra 3 or 4 spots in a deck just because you had one diamond card. (Diamond is my new name for this disgraceful mana) Well, what are your opinions? Gosh, I wrote so much on World Breaker, and two sentences on Kozilek’s Return. This post ran long.  I’ll be back tomorrow to cover more of this week’s big leak. (no rhyme intended)


6 thoughts on “OGW Spoilers: Eldrazi Mythics: Kozilek’s Return and World Breaker

    1. Yep. Worldbreaker seems pretty good. Do you think it could become an EDH staple? Do you think it’s worth taking up so many slots in the deck? I mean, there’s lots of other enchantment, artifact and land removal you can run.


      1. Yeah, but it comes with a fair body and it can recur itself. I’d say it’s not the go-to for the effect like Acidic Slime and friends, but still pretty darn good.


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