OGW Spoilers: Crush of Tentacles


Crush of Tentacles is the first indication of how multi-player geared Oath of the Gatewatch will be. Surge is a nice alternate casting cost, but can only be used when a teammate has already casted another spell. Not only is the surge cost cheaper than the actual casting cost, if you cast it for surge, you get an 8/8 Octopus. Definitely good in limited, but will definitely not see Standard play because Standard is 1v1. These Surge cards will probably not be playable in Standard, because you don’t have teammates. I’m kind of disappointed that this mythic is useless except in two headed giant Limited. What do you think?



2 thoughts on “OGW Spoilers: Crush of Tentacles

  1. Actually; this ability isn’t useless in 1v1. It also works if you have cast an other spell earlier in the turn. So long as you have a fair number of small spells in your deck you can get Crush of Tentacles at a discount price with a promotional gian octopus to boot!

    It is still way better with a team mate though.

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