OGW Spoilers: Mina and Denn, Wildborn


Another Legend of OGW spoiled. This time it’s GR, indicating neither an allied or enemy cycle. Maybe 10 rare legends? That’s a lot of Legends. In Standard, this might make Atarka Red and G/R Landfall take the top spots in the meta. Not only does it ramp you, giving you double landfall triggers, it lets you bounce your lands later when you run out of gas, as landfall decks sometimes do with no card draw. The bouncing also gives one of your guys trample, possibly getting them in a grindy game. All of this on a 4/4 body for only 4! The Legends in this set so far have been super aggressively costed, and have very good effects. In EDH, this is a great ramp-into-big-guys commander, dropping lands like crazy. What do you think?



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