Athreos EDH Part 3!


Hello Readers! Today, I’m going to show you how the deck gets extra value from sacrificing.

This trio wins the game consistently for me. They drain 10 or so life every turn from all the deaths going on. This gets big fast.


This duo is great. They lock down opponent’s fields, killing Commanders left and right. These cards are also severely underpriced because of lack of application in Constructed. Dictate of Erebos is only 2.15$ on Amazon, while Butcher of Malakir is only 0.45$! Commander cards can be so cheap. 🙂

Next, these three cards are the ones that keep my hand full. Harvester and Grim Haruspex don’t interact with tokens, so they’re not as good. Smothering Abomination on the other hand, is fantastic. Card draw and a sac outlet all in one.

Hope you enjoyed!



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