OGW Spoilers: Ayli?, Eternal Pilgrim

Hello Everyone! More spoilers up! Sorry for the glare, this is the only picture of it. This card is fantastic. It’s only two mana, aggressively costed. Easily good in Limited. Maybe playable in a Standard Tempo deck, and possibly making the Soul Sisters decklists Wb? Not even mentioning that this is a great commander, this card is off the charts as a rare. Gaining life and having a sac outlet is nice, but the second effect is killer. Exiling opponent’s permanents is game-ending. This card might give the fringey W/B Ally Rally deck a chance, and could keep Aristocrats in Standard. The deathtouch is just frosting on the cake. I put the name as Ayli because many speculate it’s an Aylj mentioned in several Eldrazi card’s flavor texts. What do you think?


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