New Experience Counters for Mizzix!

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Thanks to the wonderful bloggers at GoyfWars, we have a very nice Experience Counter card for out new friend Mizzix. Thanks especially to Grim Lavamancer, the artist behing GoyfWars’ comic: ManaBurn!


The experience counter card you receive with the deck is rather underwhelming and to be true, rather ugly. When I say this post on GoyfWars showing experience counter cards created by Grim Lavamancer, I couldn’t resist. 🙂


Once again, Thank you Grim Lavamancer!


5 thoughts on “New Experience Counters for Mizzix!

  1. Warms my grim heart to see them in action! Have you had any chances to try out Mizzix yet? I played with her a bit this weekend and I have to say that she’s worked out very well so far.


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