Wizards Just Ruined Magic With a 6th Color

This is no joke. Wizards just ruined Magic with a Sixth Color. Take a look:

These are all legit. They’re even on Mythic Spoiler. This new color is exclusively colorless mana. It’s acts like a sixth color. This is crazy. Be prepared for a rant. Why? Why Wizards? You are ruining Magic. R-u-i-n-i-n-g  i-t. We don’t need this color. Wait a minute. It’s not even a color. It’s exclusively colorless. I really hope that this color is only for OGW, otherwise I would die. I’m seriously thinking about not playing Magic while Oath is in Standard. This is stupid. WHY WIZARDS? WHY??? 

Ok. Rant Complete. It’s not really THAT bad, the flavor is pretty good, but this is going to be hard for deck building. If this is going to be in the next set, let’s talk a little about the cards. A return of Kozilek is nice, but Kozilek is seriously underpowered compared to Ulamog. It’s first effect is not that powerful. Menace is nice, but not game-changing. The last effect is OK control, but discarding your own cards as counter spells is not really a competitive effect. Two reasons I don’t think it is flavorful enough. One, it doesn’t exile anything, a big theme with Eldrazi. Two, it isn’t Indestructible. That is pretty much a must in Eldrazi Titans. Mirrorpool is a pretty good utility land. If the Wastes mana on the card was colorless, this would be a powerhouse. Right now, I’m not sure if playing Wastes is worth it. The utility effects are very good and effective. Kozilek is a disappointment, but Mirrorpool may be playable.


2 thoughts on “Wizards Just Ruined Magic With a 6th Color

  1. Everyone is free to rant, so I won’t try to debate the philosophy of a 6th color as good or bad, but the Titans thing is off. Of the Eldrazi Titans, only Ulamog has ever been indestructible. His thing is exiling stuff and being indestructible, Kozilek is about drawing cards, and Emrakul is about being immune to magic. Battle was Ulamog’s time to shine. Notice how none of the cards that reference Kozilek or Emrakul in Battle have ingest or processing? Also, most counterspells are one for ones (Scatter to the Winds, Clash of Wills, Silumgar’s Scorn, Negate, Dispel and Horribly Awry to use examples of ones that have been in winning decks this standard). The ability to resolve a a 12/12 Menace, and refill your hand with counter fodder to protect the threat is pretty amazing. Especially since those counterspells are actually the ramp spells you used to get to 10 mana in the first place! Abzan Charm, Ruinous Path? No, I’ll discard a Nissa’s Pilgrimage. Utter End? Nope, pitch Explosive Vegitation.


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