BFZ Intro Pack: Zendikar’s Rage! Product Review

Hello Everyone! Today I’m reviewing the Zendikar’s Rage Intro Pack, a R/G Landfall-based deck. I purposely saved this Intro Pack for after the R/G Landfall deck that I shared yesterday.


oran rief hydranissasrenewal

Oran-Rief Hydra is a nice, big Hydra Trampler that grows permanently when ever you play a land. Though it’s too expensive for a aggro deck, this is a really nice EDH card. Nissa’s Renewal is also a really powerful EDH card, but in this deck, it allows you to get 3 landfall triggers off of it, and allows you to gain 7 life.

Good Commons/Uncommons


Blighted Woodland is a nice land that can give you three landfall triggers, which is great! Other than Blighted Woodland, there are three great, standard playable Landfall cards including Makinidi Sliderunner, Snapping Gnarlid, and Scythe Leopard.

This deck is a great start if you want to build the competitive R/G Standard Landfall deck that’s all the rage right now. If you want to buy this deck, I would greatly appreciate if you purchased it through me here: Zendikar’s Rage Intro Pack, so I can get part of the profit to fuel some new, unique content.

Hope you enjoyed! Please comment your ideas on the deck below!


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