Fringe Decks in Standard #6: BFZ Standard R/G Landfall

atarka's command

Hello Everyone! I’m back with my thoughts on another new Standard deck, R/G Landfall Aggro. The specific deck I’m looking at today is Duane Sawyer’s deck from the TCG Standard States in Virginia. R/G Landfall Aggro is a really nice deck that uses Scythe Leopard and Snapping Gnarlid to taand ke advantage of early landfall triggers, and attack for lots of damage. Other than the two landfallers, there are a variety of other popular Aggro cards, including Monastery Swiftspear, Den Protector, and Abbot of Keral Keep. Unlike most other Aggro decks, this deck doesn’t run much burn, instead it runs lots of pump. For example, it runs playsets of Titan’s Strength, Become Immense, and Temur Battle Rage. For example, with the Double Strike from Temur Battle Rage and the pump from Titan’s Strength on a Landfalled Snapping Gnarlid on Turn 3, the Snapping Gnarlid would do 12 damage. Hitting for this much this early is absolutely crazy!

Decklist: Duane Sawyer’s R/G Landfall

Hope you enjoyed! Comment suggestions for a Standard Landfall deck below!


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