BFZ Intro Pack: Eldrazi Assualt! Product Review

Hello Everyone! I’m back once again with another Intro Pack review! This is a nice, R/B Eldrazi Aggro burn deck.


barragetyrant serpentinestrike

Barrage Tyrant is a nice big Eldrazi that can “throw” other creatures at other players and creatures. Serpentine Strike is a really nice, multi-targeting burn spell.

Notable Commons/Uncommons


Dominator Drone is a really nice, multi-use creature that can hit an opponent for 2 in the early game and then ingest later to cause more trouble. There is not enough ingest in the deck to mill out an opponent, but just enough to make some trouble by limiting opponent’s options. Grip of Desolation is a great 4BB instant that exiles target land and target creature. Exiling means you can destroy indestructible creatures and lands. Vile Aggregate is a 2R Eldrazi that is a */5 with Trample and Ingest, and it’s power is equal to the number of creatures you control. In the endgame, this card is great.

View the decklist here. If you want to buy this deck, I would greatly appreciate if you bought it through me here: Eldrazi Assualt Intro Deck, so I can get a small fraction of the profit to fuel some extra content!

Hope you Enjoyed! Comment ideas for the deck below!


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