OGW Spoilers! Potential Manland + Confirmed Full Arts


Hello Everyone! We have a new, unconfirmed Manland! It’s R/W, so Enemy Manlands. First of all, do you think it’s a plausible card, considering BFZ’s Manlands? I think it’s designed quite similarly, and quite possibly could be in OGW. Next, the name. It’s an Angry Cliff. Maybe not the best name, but the Lands of Zendikar are mad at the Eldrazi, a theme reflected by both Manlands and the Awaken Mechanic. What do you think? Fake Name?

Oath of the Gatewatch will have full art basic lands. They will be the same full art lands from Battle for Zendikar (complete with expansion symbol). The Oath of the Gatewatch fat packs will also have full art basic lands. The Battle for Zendikar gift box, by the way, will not have full art basic lands (except, of course, for inside booster packs). -Mark Rosewater

A week or so ago, Mark Rosewater spoiled this on his blog, Blogatog, that OGW will have full arts. Looks like another Fat Pack buyout to me. Full Arts may a little drop in price, due to double reprinting. What do you think about Wizards decision? Do you like it or not?

Hope you enjoyed the first spoilers for this season, and what do you think? Comment Below!


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