BFZ Intro Pack: Call of Blood! Product Review

Hello Everyone! I’m back once again with another review of a BFZ Intro Pack! This is the Call of Blood Intro pack, which is a W/B life-gain themed deck.


Felidar Sovereigndefiant bloodlord

Both rares are quite expensive, so there’s not much they can do in the early game. Felidar Sovereign is a nice 4/6 with lifelink. This can gain you a few points of health by lifelinking, and can be a nice win condition, though the deck doesn’t really have a lot of cards that can gain you life in large amounts. Defiant Bloodlord is a Sanguine Bond on a creature.

Notable Commons/Uncommons


Drana’s Emissary is a nice card that picks away at opponent’s life, and triggers a lot of effects that trigger whenever you gain life. Bloodbond Vampire is a 3/3 for 2BB that gets a +1/+1 counter whenever you gain life. With Drana’s Emissary picking away every turn, this card will grow, and fast.


Soon, maybe sometime next week, I’ll build a casual W/B Lifegain decklist to post on the blog. In the meantime, if you want to purchase this deck, please purchase it through the blog here: Call of Blood Intro Pack, which allows me to get a dollar or two that allows me to build some more decks, so I can post more unique content on the blog.

Thanks for reading!


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