Prices Explained #9: BFZ Speculation Update!


Hello Everyone! I’m back with yet another update on my BFZ Investment! Right now, I have a deficit of 73.68$. In case you haven’t kept up with the series, you can find the other posts here.


Animist’s Awakening, a card that I thought may have had compatibility with any Landfall Standard decks, has continued to drop from an initial spike because a Standard Landfall deck hasn’t really emerged. I have listed them on eBay for 15.00$ for all 10 of mine, if you want to bid on them, click here.


I also have 3 Jwari Shapeshifters, which are some decent allies I picked up, but they are dropping steadily. No one really is interested in them, but if you want them, I can mail them to you, just comment your interest below!

The rest of my portfolio has been gaining slowly, so I’m going to wait a while to flip them.

Hope you enjoyed this post!


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