Fringe Decks in Standard #5: 5 Color Bring to Light Control!


Hello Everyone! In this new Standard, a new 5 color deck has taken the stage! Based around Bring to Light from Battle for Zendikar, this deck uses the best Control cards from all the colors.

bring to light

The deck uses Bring to Light as a toolbox card to find the one big win condition in the deck, Dragonlord Ojutai. The deck has seen play in the recent Star City Games tournaments, but we’ll see how good the deck really is in the Pro Tour that started just yesterday. The deck is five colors, so the fixing is really heavy, and the typical Bring to Light deck plays only 8 basics. If you want to check the deck out, view the archetype here on MTG Goldfish. There isn’t really much to say about the deck, but we’ll see if it can establish itself in the new Standard this weekend.


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