BFZ Intro Pack: Swarming Instinct! Product Review

Hello Everyone! I’m back with yet another review of a BFZ Intro Pack! This one is a nice, Eldrazi-themed, controlling G/U deck. This deck has many Scion generators, and lots of ramp.


desolation twindrownerofhope

The first rare is the somewhat underrated Desolation Twin. I mean, it’s 20 power for 10 mana! It’s a bulk rare! In this deck, with lots of ramp generated by all the Scions in the deck, this card might be able to come in at turn 5 or 6. That’s the beauty of this ramp heavy format. Drowner of Hope is a nice 5/5 that provides a sac outlet for all your Scions, and can open up the way for a huge attack by Desolation Twin or some of the other large Eldrazi, which I’ll get to later.

Notable Commons/Uncommons

Next, we move on to some notable commons and uncommons in the deck. First up is Bane of Bala Ged, a 7/5 for 7 colorless, that forces defending players to sacrifice two creatures when it attacks, which is a great way to set the opponents field back a bit. Breaker of Armies is a 10/8 for eight colorless that forces all of the defending player’s creatures to block it. This is an amazing card, that can help you strike the winning blow by diverting all blockers to it. Adverse Conditions is a four mana instant that taps to opposing creatures, which don’t untap during the next untap step. Not only that, it puts a Scion onto the battlefield, which is a nice thing to have in this deck that requires lots of ramp to function well.

Improvements for the Deck

This deck isn’t very good, but some of the cards, including Spell Shrivel and Desolation Twin may find a home in a Standard deck, we’ll have to wait for Pro Tour BFZ to see. If you want to buy the intro pack, please buy it here: Magic the Gathering: MTG Battle for Zendikar: Intro Pack / Theme Deck: Drowner of Hope (includes 2 Booster Packs & Alternate Art Premium Rare Promo) Blue, and I will receive a little of the money, which I can use to build some more decks, and provide more unique content for this site.


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