BFZ Intro Pack: Rallying Cry! Product Review

Hello Everyone! Today, I’m going to start off my series of Intro Pack reviews, starting with the R/W Ally Themed Rallying Cry Intro Pack. This deck is quite solid in my opinion, and could be made quite a nice casual Allies deck.



The two rares in the deck are Hero of Goma Fada and Angelic Captain. Hero of Goma Fada gives all your creatures Indestructible whenever an Ally enters the battlefield, enabling big attacks with no losses. Angelic Captain can easily be a 7/6 or 8/7 when attacking with a few other allies, and that’s nothing to joke about. Hero of Goma Fada is a little overpriced, but still okay. On the other hand, Angelic Captain is a great flying beater.

Notable Commons/Uncommons

Some notable commons and uncommons in the deck include Expedition Envoy, a 2/1 one drop that is an Ally that being an Ally, triggers every single rally effect, which is pretty nice. Firemantle Mage is a three mana 2/2 with rally. Whenever a Ally enters the battlefield, Firemantle Mage gives your team all menace. Menace is a mechanic that means a creature can only be blocked by two or more creatures. This effectively halves the number of creatures your opponent can block. Pretty useful. The last common/uncommon I’m going to talk about is Kor Entanglers, which taps a creature whenever an Ally enters the battlefield. That’s taking down a blocker, which is really good, especially when it lets you force lots of damage in.

Improvements for the Deck

Last week, I made a decklist for a Standard Mardu Allies deck. This intro pack includes 8 of the 36 or 22% of the nonland cards needed for the deck, so this is a good starting point if you want to build the aforementioned deck. If you want to purchase Magic the Gathering: MTG Battle for Zendikar: Intro Pack / Theme Deck: Hero of Goma Fada (includes 2 Booster Packs & Alternate Art Premium Rare Promo) White, please buy it through this site. If you do, I will get some of the money, allowing me to build more decks to play with, and have more unique content for the site.

Thanks for viewing, the rest of the series should be up within two weeks, and comment your opinion on the deck below!


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