Prices Explained #8: BFZ Speculation Update!


Hello Everyone! I’m back with another update of my Battle for Zendikar investments! So far, It hasn’t been going that well. Since the last update, I’ve sold 1 Kabira Evangel, 3 Jwari Shapeshifters, and 1 Harabaz Druid for a total of around 25$. That brings my deficit down from 98.68$ to 73.68$.

Akoum Battlesingerharabaz druidjwarishapeshifter


Since a couple weeks ago, Jwari Shapeshifter has dropped 16%. I still have three on my hands, and am trying to get rid of them. Surprisingly, Harabaz Druid actually gained quite a lot of value these past weeks. I have three on hand, and I’m going to wait to flip them. Animist’s Awakening was looking pretty good, climbing a little each week, but they dropped 3% this week. I have ten of them, but I’m going to wait a little more before flipping it. Kabira Evangel, is doing really well, slowly climbing up, so I’m keeping it for now. I do have 19 Akoum Battlesingers, but they aren’t really going anywhere right now, so I’m going to sit on them for a while.

Hope you enjoyed! Please comment investment ideas below!


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