Ultimate Price BFZ Event Deck Product Review!


Hello Everyone! Today, I’m reviewing the BFZ Event Deck, Ultimate Price. This is a really great product, I think Wizards has gotten serious about reprinting valuable cards in Event Decks and Clash Packs. First, the Armed and Dangerous Clash Pack, and now this event deck. It retails for around 24$, and it has over 52$ of value. I already invested in one, and expect to make a profit from selling some select cards, and also using some cards in my decks.


The notable cards in the deck are the 18$ Hangarback Walker, a Magic Origins Thopter-maker with playability in Standard. We also have Llanowar Wastes (2$), Warden of the First Tree (3$), Whisperwood Elemental (5$), and the Abzan Control star – Tasigur, the Golden Fang (7$)!


The deck itself is a nice tokeny, agressive deck with a few sac outlets to make good use of Scions and other tokens. It’s also a quite nice “graveyard matters” deck with several cards that benefit from having and putting cards in the graveyard.

Before you check out the decklist and then go, I have a special feature for you. I recently joined Amazon Associates, a program that lets you get a little money by referring sales to Amazon items. I’m not trying to monetize this blog, but just to make a few dollars to piece together a few more decks. These links won’t appear much at all, just on product reviews. If you want to invest in one of these Event Decks, please buy from my blog:

Magic the Gathering (MTG) Battle for Zendikar – Event Deck (with 10 Rares) – Pre-Order Ships After Oct 2nd


Creatures (26)
1 Hangarback Walker xx 16.37
4 Blisterpod g 0.56
1 Warden of the First Tree g 3.60
4 Rot Shambler 1g 0.76
2 Sultai Emissary 1b 0.24
2 Zulaport Cutthroat 1b 1.40
4 Catacomb Sifter 1bg 2.36
1 Grim Haruspex 2b 0.48
2 Nantuko Husk 2b 0.26
1 Eyeless Watcher 3g 0.14
1 Smothering Abomination 2bb 1.79
1 Brood Butcher 3bg 0.49
1 Whisperwood Elemental 3gg 5.09
1 Tasigur, the Golden Fang 5b 7.02
Spells (10)
4 Bone Splinters b 0.56
2 Vampiric Rites b 0.46
1 Evolutionary Leap 1g 2.77
1 Corpseweft 2b 0.35
2 Murderous Cut 4b 0.98
Lands (24)
4 Evolving Wilds 0.40
7 Forest (263) 0.00
4 Jungle Hollow 0.52
1 Llanowar Wastes 1.98
2 Rogue’s Passage 0.38
6 Swamp (258) 0.00
Sideboard (15)
3 Caustic Caterpillar g 0.36
3 Duress b 0.45
4 Jaddi Offshoot g 0.84
3 Cranial Archive 2 0.48
2 Ultimate Price 1b 0.50
75 Cards Total

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