R/W Modern Giants Tribal!


While looking through my cards for cards for a Vorel the Hull Clade deck that I’m putting together, I stumbled across one of those weird tribal cards in Shadowmoor: Giant Harbinger. After doing some research, I put together a pretty nice giants tribal deck for you all. On a side note, I’m going to the pre-release today, and I’m going to win! (hopefully 🙂 )

Since Giants tend to be expensive creatures, I have ramp in the form of Geosurge and Pyretic Ritual. You can use Giant Harbinger to tutor for Sunrise Sovereign or some of the giants that can burn the enemies such as Thundercloud Shaman, Crush Underfoot and Giant’s Ire. This deck is only around 20$, so it’s a nice, fun casual tribal deck to build.

TappedOut Link: R/W Modern Giants Tribal! 



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